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How to Learn Machine Learning From Scratch as an University Student – Data Science 101

Here are the steps to learning machine learning from scratch when you are still an university student: – Develop a strong foundation in mathematics: Mathematics is the backbone of machine learning, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of linear algebra, calculus, and probability. – Get familiar with programming languages: Machine learning requires programming knowledge, so you need to be proficient in at least…

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Understanding Applications of Machine Learning for Business Operations – Data Science 101

Machine learning can be useful for business management in various ways. Some applications of machine learning in business include: – Customer Segmentation: Identifying customer segments and their behavior to personalize marketing efforts. – Predictive Maintenance: Forecasting equipment failures and performing preventative maintenance to reduce downtime and save costs. – Fraud Detection: Identifying suspicious transactions and detecting fraudulent activities. – Sales Forecasting: Predicting future sales and…

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An Easy to Understand Procedure of Principle Component Analysis (PCA) – Data Science 101

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a statistical technique used for dimensionality reduction and visualization of large data sets. The general steps for performing PCA are: – Data Preprocessing: Clean and prepare the data for analysis. – Mean Centering: Subtract the mean from each data feature to center the data. – Covariance Matrix Calculation: Compute the covariance matrix of the centered data. – Eigenvalue Decomposition: Decompose…

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